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I am a Toronto based Vedic Astrologer and spiritual life coach, hypnotist and healer. For many years I have been studying and practicing various esoteric practices, including astrology, numerology, tarot, reiki. I hold two LL.B. degrees (Belarus and England), as well as B.A. in Public Policy and Administration. Despite seemingly unrelated education, working in the industry only reinforced reality around esoteric practices and forced me to dive deeper into the wisdom held by the Ancients.

Initially, I was introduced to Western astrology, and progressively my interests shifted to Eastern wisdom, influenced by Hart deFouw and Allan Anand, Rami Bleckt and other renowned teachers. I constantly sharpen by skills and increase my toolbox to be of service to people. In the last four years I taught various classes on astrology and esoteric topics based on ancient wisdom.

Astrology is not a predictive tool, although there are techniques for prediction. It is rather an inspirational tool that provides for more understanding on who we are and what we are here to do. My consultations include combination of practical, imagery, creative, analytical and coaching tools that help to find harmony, to progress with development on the path of self-realization, understanding karma and resulting patterns. It is an alternative way to empowerment, healing and abundance.

As life is work in progress, more information will be posted to reveal of creative events happening.